Palatka, Florida – Recently, Mrs. Cornwell & Mrs. Richardson’s third grade Cambridge classes at Kelley Smith Elementary School turned their classrooms into, “Cornwell-Richardson Memorial Hospital.” The students participated in six “operating rooms” throughout the morning to review and practice reading & math skills and show how they relate to the healthcare environment.

According to Mrs. Richardson, the students demonstrated understanding of the distributive property of multiplication by operating on equations & putting them back together again. They also operated on text to show understanding of text features & main idea. “They had a blast learning as Medical Doctors for the day!”

While these incredible teachers fostered the environment, imagination and lesson plans, the supplies, gowns, masks, gloves, hats & bags were donated for this cause from PCMC and their Pharmacy Department.

“Engaging with our community in stirring interest in STEM education, healthcare and the hospital environment is a really fun and exciting opportunity for us.” Mark Dooley, CEO of PCMC, “We are happy to support Putnam County’s youth and are extremely grateful to the teachers who created this initiative.”

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